Book Deal! So about a year ago I wrote a book for fun, never imagining that anything would ever come of it. Now, I am so excited/thrilled/over-the-moon to announce that I sold my young adult urban fantasy novel, HOLLYWOOD WITCH HUTER, to Bloomsbury Publishing — the same publisher who acquired Harry Potter, Princess Academy, Throne of Glass, The Mapmaker’s Daughter, and so many more of my favorite books!!

viagra pills in usa Here is a little description:

go HOLLYWOOD WITCH HUNTER, in which a coven bent on retaining their youth must sacrifice the beautiful, and the rich women of Southern California, and a society of witch hunters will try to protect humans from a great evil uprising, available worldwide in 2015 under Bloomsbury Publishing’s imprint Spark. This fun and thrilling story takes a unique and be follow witching look at society’s obsession with youth, and beauty, while still relating to every young adult’s struggle of finding their place in the world.

viagra bottle drugs Seriously, it hasn’t sunk in yet, and I’m still convinced that I must be imagining things or that this is some sort of sick prank. But regardless of my theories, I am completely overjoyed and extremely grateful for such a wonderful opportunity! Time to get to work! 🙂

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viagra alternative drugs to adderall Val Editor’s note: This image is not associated with the book.